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This product has been continuously showing up on my Facebook news feed, so as a beauty blogger, I knew I had to get it!

This is the Osèque High-End Touch in shade 21 Light Beige. This product was also mentioned in the "Get It Beauty 2015", hence its popularity.

The Osèque High-End Touch comes in two shades:
#21 Light Beige#23 Natural Beige

Volume: 30ml

Product Features
Soft and fantastic colour
Soft moisturisation all day long
Colour which improves the beauty of all types of skin tone
Youthful skin with dazzling sparkle
Contains new material RonaFlair® (sapphire structure)
Fine wrinkle hiding effect using light diffusion
Expression of 3D facial features
Moisturising and nourishing makeup
Contains propolis, fermented bifidus lysate
1 bottle of essence for reinforced nourishing powder
Makeup and skin care at the same time
Convenient applicator
Roller type for easy and convenient application on curvy facial features
No lumping even after multiple applications
Sebum control for maintenance of balance
Moisture upon application, with fluffy finish
Sebum control for refreshed makeup all day long
Whitening care with blemish elimination
Wrinkle care for firm skin
Sunlight and UV ray blockage (SPF34, PA++)

Major Ingredients
Lorna flare (synthetic sapphire) , propolis extract, non-seafood appetiser for fermentation, six kinds of plant callus culture extracts (green tea, cactus, rice, tomato, carrot, lotus).

It comes in an elegant and sleek, black plastic bottle with a roller applicator. The lid (and even the shape of the bottle) reminds me of Chanel's products.

The roller applicator is perfect for lazy people like me, as there's no need for foundation bases or brushes or sponges anymore; however if you don't like the idea of using a roller on your face, you can easily pop off the applicator and apply it with your hands or usual applicators.

When you press the button on the side a few times, the foundation will leak out, so that you can easily roll it over your face. It does, however, get a little messy if you press the button too many times, and too much foundation squirts out at once. Sometimes, the foundation doesn't roll onto the roller applicator, so you may need to use your finger to wipe it off the applicator to put onto your face, then to use the roller applicator to blend.

The Osèque High-End Touch comes with skincare benefits too ~ anti-wrinkle, whitening, and SPF34, so it's not just an ordinary foundation! 

How To Use

After using your usual moisturiser, press the switch on the container, and roll the roller puff evenly onto the face. Press the switch several times so the contents are squeezed upwards. To wash the puff, old the puff and pull upwards to detach.

If you have trouble getting the foundation on the corners of your nose, you can try dabbing the applicator onto the area instead of rolling it on.

If anyone is interested, I did a tutorial & review video on the Osèque High-End Touch. I just realised that it's a pretty long video (oops!).

COMPARISON: OSÈQUE High-End Touch vs. JENNY HOUSE Perfect Skin One Shot Cover Stick Foundation

In the first photo, I only applied the Osèque High-End Touch onto the left part of my face. If you look carefully, you will see that my dark eye circles are less dark, but it didn't really change the colour of my skin. There are no obvious differences yet. 

In the second photo, I am applying the Jenny House Perfect Skin One Shot Cover Stick Foundation onto the other half of my face.

If you look carefully in the photo below, you can see that my dark eye circle is concealed better on the right hand side. I do have quite a few moles (as shown in the photo above), but the small one below my eye is not as obvious anymore. The Jenny House Stick Foundation does a better job at concealing dark eye circles and small moles.

On the left: Osèque High-End Touch
On the right: Jenny House Perfect Skin One Shot Cover Stick Foundation

As you can see, with the photo on the left, the pores on my nose are not obvious, whereas with the photo on the right, the foundation seems to be stuck inside the pore. The Jenny House Stick Foundation is obviously more dry, as it is, after all, not a liquid foundation, hence sinks into the pores, so until the nose starts creating oil, the pores will still appear to be powdery. So, in this case, the Osèque High-End Touch seemed to do a better job at making the face appear poreless! As for the fine lines under the eyes, I think both give similar results, but Jenny House's Stick Foundation is slightly better, due to the better concealing function.

Overall, I think the Jenny House Perfect Skin One Shot Cover Stick Foundation still wins. The reasons are:

1) It's in the form of a stick, so it won't leak or spill, so it will be easy to carry around.
The button on the Osèque may accidentally be pressed when put inside your handbag, so it may leak.

2) The design is really convenient, as my hands don't get dirty your hands at all.
The Osèque can get quite messy, and you may need to use your hands to apply the foundation onto your face, before using the roller applicator.

3) It gives more coverage, so I don't even need to use a concealer unless I have a pimple or something big to cover up.
The Osèque gives a more natural look, so its coverage is very low.

4) It leaves my skin matte even after a whole day outside.
The Osèque doesn't make my face oily, but the finish is more dewy.

5) The retail price is much cheaper than the Osèque (Jenny House is selling for USD25, whereas the Osèque is USD33).

Overall, the Osèque High-End Touch is a good product if you don't need much coverage - it gives a natural look for everyday wear. The colour stays and doesn't wear off until you wash it off with makeup remover. It is very light-weight, isn't drying for the face, and makes your face look brightened. The bonus is that it contains many natural ingredients, as well as a serum included, so that it is not only a foundation, but also a skincare product. The main downside of this product is still its applicator, as it can get a little messy.

Rating: 8/10

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!

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