Sunday, 15 February 2015


I've been so busy lately that I haven't really had time to update my blog, especially after I've realised how easy and convenient YouTube videos are compared to blogging, however, I think videos can't always show how great things are, so here, I've decided to write about it instead!

The product that I'm going to review today, is...
"Jenny House Perfect Skin One Shot Cover Stick Foundation".

A portable 3 in 1 (Base + Sunscreen + Foundation) perfect skin cover stick foundation can transform your skin through instant skin perfection and long-lasting makeup. Its advanced lightweight formulation delivers a very subtle sheen with high coverage and great adhesion to your skin. Patented Vitamin-C complex core essence illuminates your complexion and whitening your skin, also visibly minimises all imperfections, pores, fine lines, and dark spots instantly and over time.

Lightweight, breathable, silky hydrating base with high coverage that make your skin become a beautiful flawless airbrushed finish without any stickiness. It helps to keep you looking and feeling your best through any season. Its high coverage, great adhesion and long-lasting formula that leaves your skin looking virtually flawless without a trace of heavy foundation after blending like a natural born beauty.

It comes in a pretty silver box, and the product itself is also wrapped in silver, with a pink bow at the top.

Why did I get it? I was really tempted to get it after watching videos that appeared on my Facebook newsfeed! I'm so glad I bought it, because now I'm in love with it!

This is a foundation stick that comes with a sunscreen level of SPF50+/PA+++. The foundation stick comes in two parts - the bigger circle with the foundation, and the smaller circle with the sunscreen and serum - they come out as one, so problem there!

The fun thing about it is that the foundation is on one end, and the brush is on the other. The brush is also at a slanted angle, so that it's easier and less tiring to use. 

The bristles of the brush are super soft and silky, so it doesn't cause any irritation to the face whatsoever.

There are two shades to choose from:
No. 21 Light Beige
No. 23 Natural Beige

How To Use:
1. Gently twist the bottom part of main container for 0.5cm of stick foundation then apply a thin layer directly on your face, no primer is needed generally.
2. Use the built-in special designed professional foundation brush for blending the foundation inside out evenly onto your skin in order to get a flawlessly blended, full coverage, high definition results. Re-apply it as a concealer on specific spot area for building up some extra coverage there if needed.

I did a video to demonstrate how to apply the Stick Foundation:

The shade I'm using is the No. 21 (I also use the N21 IOPE Air Cushion XP). The foundation is very creamy and very easy to blend in (it does take some time, but it'll be perfect after you're done!). It doesn't even feel like I've got anything on my skin, and it doesn't block my pores! It's not sticky too, doesn't need a lot of loose powder to cover up, and my face doesn't look oily at the end of the night!

It matches perfectly with my skin tone, perhaps slightly white on my face, but it gives my skin the kind of glow that it needs!

"At the end of the night" look - still flawless and non-oily (with no touch-ups during the night)! I had a few bumps on my forehead that night, but the foundation stick did an awesome job to cover them up (my concealer sucks, so the foundation stick definitely takes the credit)! I guess I forgot to mention that I use minimal makeup each time, so what you see is what you get!

I also forgot to mention that in the past, my face would normally feel super dry after a day of makeup, and I would urgently need to use a face mask that night, but since using this foundation stick, I haven't had this problem anymore!

The only complaint I would make would probably be the silver packaging, because all my fingerprints get stuck onto it and makes it not so pretty, but it's easy to wipe off so it's not too bad!

Price: HKD188 (equivalent to USD25)

Let's compare this to my previous favourite...
IOPE Air Cushion XP in N21

I really liked this before because...
1) the colour was a perfect match to my skin
2) it's really easy to use
3) it's not drying on my face

But what I don't like about it is that using it was very messy to use (and I don't like my things to look dirty!). As you can see from the photo below, the puff has already changed to become a beige coloured puff, but I've only used it a few times (every time I dipped the puff into the cushion, the foundation would all float to cover the sides of the puff). The mirror is also very dirty too, though it was never clear enough to be a mirror in the first place. The most important thing is that the cushion is already used up, and I've only used it a few times, so it's quite pricey for something that can only be used with a few uses! It also left a sticky feeling on my face, required me to apply a lot of loose powder on top, and yet still had an oily nose! I guess it's really not suitable for the humid weather we have here in Hong Kong!

Enough rambling over my new product...I bet you guys want to know where I got it from or where you guys can buy it (goodwillbeauty ships worldwide too!):

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!

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  1. Product ni bleh cover acne scars tak?

  2. Hi, which one is more long lasting in terms of months? If iope is not messy, which do you prefer? Also, which one is more natural looking?

  3. hello.. have you tried the Perfect Skin Absolute Mable Stick Foundation? Is there any difference between those two? Thanks! :)

  4. Hello, Genie!

    You look gorgeous honestly! I like your review! It does help me to understand more about this product! :D Btw, could you recommend me an option for one shot foundation? I'm using IOPE C21 currently. Hee! ><

  5. Hi, i would like to ask if my skin is abit tan color should i use 21 or 23? Thanks for ur reply =D

  6. Hi, may I know when I can I buy this in hk? Will be visiting hk soon

    1. Hey there. If you're living in Malaysia, you can purchase this from Hermo.

    2. Hi there .. would like to know if after application of this product will it gives the shining pearl or glittering effect on the face ??