Monday, 29 December 2014


MaskGenie Challenge Mask 17: Seatree Seatree Art Aloe 100 Mask Sheet (Korea)

The shape of this mask made me laugh - do I look like a panda? The holes for the eyes were really big, and only a little bit of the mask covered my nose (my nose isn't a big one either). I do usually like my masks to do something for my eyes too, especially if I don't have an eye mask on at the time, but the holes for the eyes on this mask were way too big to do that! The mask was also big enough to wrap under my chin too! Despite the funny shape, this mask was completely soaked in essence, adhered very well, and was very soothing & moisturising to my face! My skin usually becomes very dry and irritated after a day of makeup (that's why I seldom use it), but it was very relaxing with this mask on, and my face felt soft and supple again! Left a slight sticky feeling on my face afterwards though.

Rating: 8/10

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