Monday, 29 December 2014


MaskGenie Challenge Mask 12: Etude House Collagen Moistfull Mask Sheet

When I took the mask out of its packaging, I originally thought that it was going to be a rough and harsh mask, but luckily that was just the plastic...but the mask wasn't really much better - the mask is not made of cotton, but in fact, it felt like a piece of paper (did I receive a fake?), and obviously paper doesn't stick well to the face, and the shape of the mask didn't help at all. Someone also commented on my Instagram photo saying the same thing about the mask feeling like paper, so it's not just me. The mask was dripping wet when I took it out, but surprisingly, after 20 minutes, the nose part was dry already although the rest of my face was still very moist. The essence absorbed very quickly into the skin, and my skin felt soft, smooth, and pores tightened. No sticky feeling.

I have tried using the 3D Princess masks from Etude House, and they were a nice and silky cotton sheet mask, but of course, those masks were more expensive, so perhaps it's because they're from a different series? I talked to the lady I bought the masks from, and she said that the brand, Etude House, is actually aimed at teenagers and the early 20s, and they have less expectations, so hence the poorer quality. Not sure if that's the case, but oh wells, moving on...

Rating: 7/10

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