Sunday, 28 December 2014


I've been so slow at updating my blog recently - been active on Instagram, but my blog has been pretty dead lately! I received this box quite a while ago, did an unboxing video, but forgot to post it here (again)...

Memebox Special #71 Wish Upon A Mask

Update: I used two of the masks inside this box for my MaskGenie Challenge, and here's what I think of them.

To The Nature Black Colored Rice Hydrogel Eye Patch

I was slightly confused when I took them out of its packaging ~ usually hydrogel masks are transparent and have a jelly texture, and you have to peel them off the plastic ~ I was figuring out how to peel the mask from the cotton sheet, and then I gave up and used the mask as it was, placing the gel side on my face (since the cotton side wasn't really sticking well). The shape was a little weird for me, and it felt a little uncomfortable under my eyes (no irritations, just to do with the shape). I removed the patches after 20 minutes, but didn't really notice any spectacular results.

Rating: 5/10

Banila Co. Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack

This actually smells quite nice for a clay mask, but it's also thicker than other clay masks, so it wasn't as easy to spread onto the face. I only received a sample size so I had already used half of the portion inside! I waited 15 minutes for the mask to dry, then I washed it off with warm water. It was slightly hard to wash off, because it left a slippery feeling on my face, so I didn't know whether my face was clean or not. After washing off the mask, I realised that some of my blackheads were already visible on my nose, but unfortunately I wasn't able to remove them with a blackhead extractor just yet. My face didnt feel dry afterwards either. Would consider repurchasing.

Rating: 8/10

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Thank you, and have a nice day!!!

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