Friday, 5 December 2014


I am now doing a MaskGenie Challenge where I am going to use my masks and give simple reviews of them! I will use masks every 1-2 days until 1 January 2015, also providing photos and some details about them!!

Will you also accept the MaskGenie Challenge?
Your task will be to use 5 masks within 10 days, take photos of you and your mask, and write a short review about them!

Please also tag @MaskGenie and #maskgeniechallenge on Instagram each time you post!!!

Those who complete the challenge before 31 December 2014, will be in to win one of Genie's Favourite Masks Pouch!!! Let's get masking!!!

It doesn't just have to be a face sheet mask; it can be a clay mask, hand mask, foot mask, hair mask, or whatever mask you have, just as long as you can take a photo of you with your mask on, then it's okay!

If you think 5 masks in 10 days is too easy, you can even do 10 masks in 10 days! It's all up to you, but just don't forget to tag @maskgenie and #maskgeniechallenge on Instagram!!!

Let's get masking, everyone!!!

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