Sunday, 2 November 2014


The Intercos Smooth Sensitive Removal Cream was featured in Memebox Superbox #24 Waxing.

When summer comes around the corner, every girl needs a proper waxing for her under-arms, legs, arms, and bikini-lines. With Intercos' sensational hair removal cream, waxing can become so much quicker and easier. There's no need for a razor blade or a painful waxing procedure anymore. Simply apply the removal cream and after 5-10 minutes, rinse off in a shower.

How to use:

Apply the removal cream on areas you wish to wax, wait for 5-10 minutes, and then just jump into the shower and rinse off.

Personal View:

The Removal Cream smells like those of Veet, but it's even worse!
The Removal Cream comes in a container where you have to use a spatula to scoop out the cream. Memebox only gave us a wooden spatula (like those in ice-blocks but bigger), so I'm not sure how well you can clean it and reuse it for the next time.

I realised that I needed to use quite a lot in order to cover up all the areas I had hair on, so that's 1/3 of the container gone!

If I remember correctly, you only need to leave the Veet's foam on your body for 3-5 minutes before you can wash it off, but for the Intercos Removing Cream, you need to leave it on for 5-10 minutes before washing it off! Leaving it on for 10 minutes was really troublesome, because I didn't want my clothes to get dirty, so I ended up wearing a towel dress, and clipping up the bottom parts so that the towel wouldn't touch my legs (hubby laughed at me for doing this, because I was doing a hair treatment at the same time, and I looked super crazy with my hair up and dress up -.-). I was really happy to wash it off after 10 minutes, but I realised that it wasn't so easy to wash off with plain water - my legs still had that slippery unclean feeling after washing it with water, and that really bad smell was still there, so I was forced to take another shower with shower gel again! I also realised that the hair on my legs wouldn't wash off by itself, and actually required me to rub my legs with my hands (with some added pressure) to successfully get rid of the hair - super troublesome!

"With Intercos' sensational hair removal cream, waxing can become so much quicker and easier."

I think it's actually way more convenient if I just used a razor!!!

Final Verdict:
Too smelly
Too time consuming
Too troublesome
Not very effective

I would definitely not repurchase!!!

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!

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