Saturday, 1 November 2014


The D'RAN Wonder Serum was featured in the Oriental Medicine Memebox, whereas the Yufit Eon Wheat-Germ 97 Essence was featured in the Brightening Skincare Memebox. In this post, I will just do a brief review of these two products, because I only used both of them once, and never will I use them again!

1) D'RAN Wonder Serum 30ml

Made from 20 different Korean medicinal herbs such as ginseng, black hoof mushrooms, licorice, portulaca, and ganoderma, the Wonder Serum delivers abundant nutrients and moisture deep into your skin to erase those years off your face, for a revitalised, glowing complexion.

I applied it onto my face, and my face felt slightly itchy afterwards. It wasn't unbearable, but it just didn't feel normal. I won't be using this anymore.

2) Yufit Eon Wheat-Germ97 Essence 

A whitening, anti-wrinkle, brightening, and moisturising facial essence all-in-one! This Eon Wheat-Germ97 Essence contains various naturally derived ingredients which all work to deliver abundant nutrition deep down into your skin, for an overall brighter, and healthier complexion. You'll feel how it literally feels in moisture from deep within your skin and balance out the uneven skin tone and texture with continuous application.

I applied it onto my face, and my face felt slightly itchy, then the itching gradually increased. My face also became slightly red, and the itching became unbearable. Despite this, my hands were not itchy after using this essence. I instantly had to go wash my face with soap and water, then I applied an aloe mask. My face was still itchy afterwards, and my eyes became slightly itchy too, so I had to take my anti-allergy medication! I will definitely never be using this again!!!

I have an allergy to Penicillin (I will get a rash, feel nauseas, have diarrhoea when I take Penicillin), but I've never had any reactions to other fermented skincare products! I've heard many good reviews about the Wonder Serum, but it just wasn't for me, and neither was the Wheat-Germ Essence.

Bye bye Wonder Serum and Wheat-Germ97 Essence!!!

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  1. I'm loving the wonder serum, als the smell of it, feel so sad for you that it doesn't match. I'm btw doubting about the essence, still haven't used it, I did however gave the cream from that brand to my mom because it was way to thick for my skin. so I wonder if the essence also will not match with my skin, Hopeful your next serums and essences will match! :D (my addiction!)