Sunday, 30 November 2014


I actually think the quality of Memeboxes is actually decreasing, and the products no longer seem WOW (is it because I've received so many products already, or is it that they're not putting as much effort into their boxes?) Anyhow, this is the box that I received a few days ago, but didn't get the video up until yesterday...

Memebox Special #57 For Dry & Sensitive Skin

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Sunday, 23 November 2014


Moving on from the huge debate we had with the Oh Sheet Masks Box, here's another unboxing of another Memebox (yes, it is an UNBOXING, so no detailed reviews here until I open up the products and use them)...

Memebox Special #54 Miracle Masks

I had to edit the video because I started coughing non-stop at some point during the video, and I also realised I forgot to say whether I liked the box or not. I thought the box was an okay box - not so pleased with the Purederm masks, and the fact that the sheet masks were labelled as three separate products although they're from the same brand and the same series, just different "flavours". This was definitely not the best masks box that I have received from Memebox.

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Monday, 17 November 2014


I received a package yesterday from Oh Sheet Mask. An Instagram friend, Tahira, introduced me to the subscription service, because she instantly thought of me when she saw their Instagram Page. I hesitated at first whether to purchase the box or not, because the price is a bit hefty for 10 sheet masks - sheet masks are everywhere in Hong Kong, and they're selling for as cheap as US$0.13 per piece (and they're not bad either), so this box better be filled with some quality stuff!!

Oh Sheet Mask is a Masks Subscription Box, where they send you a handmade box filled with 10 sheet masks each month. They have a one-off service as well as a monthly service, and they are currently charging US$23 per box. They also have a Bag version, where they contain 5 sheet masks inside, and cost US$11. I only just realised yesterday after I received my package that Oh Sheet Mask is from Thailand (the return address is a Thailand address).

From their website (in italics):

Our 'Oh Sheet Gift Box' contains 10 gorgeous masks, enough to last you a whole month (and the perfect present), while our 'Bag of Sheet' contains 5 incredible masks, ideal for that occasional facial fix.

We're not gonna send you the usual well known generic brands that you can pick up cheaply in your home country or find in beauty sample boxes, just the newest, most innovative & high quality masks that are causing waves in Korea and beyond. From Bee Venom, Snail & Sheep Placenta to Cucumber, Collagen & Pearl, from Charm to Mingkou, your monthly goody box is bursting with blissfully comfortable, unique, facial heaven.

Every box and every bag is handmade by us, every sheet mask is personally chosen, tried, tested and loved by us, and every month we'll bring you beautiful skin, even if you do look a bit like a movie serial killer. (While the mask is on).

I actually did an unboxing video, but for some reason, YouTube wouldn't let me upload it - I tried uploading it 5 times, but failed, so here I am doing a blog post on it.

So I received a brown envelope package yesterday, and when I opened it up, I saw a beautiful looking handmade mint green box with lilac ribbons on it. Although it was bubble wrapped, there were still some dents in my box.

Inside the box:

There were 10 sheet masks inside the box, and I also received a free sample of a facial cleanser. There was also a product information card with the ingredients of the masks written on it. The only downside was that there were no pictures on the card, so it took a while for me to match each mask with its description.

1) Han Jia Hanbok Anti-Wrinkle Mushroom Mask

The packaging of this mask is cute, but what surprised me is the Simplified Chinese writing all over it. Everything on the back of the mask is in Chinese, including the description, instructions of use, and ingredients. What surprised me the most is to see that although the brand name is Korean, the mask is actually manufactured in CHINA!!!
First disappointment of the box.

2) YanChunTang - Skirts Gone Little Green Dress Firming Whitening Radiance Mask

Second disappointment of the box.
This mask is Made in China too, and it's not even owned by a Korean company!

3) East Skin - Blueberry Fruit Obsession Moisturising Mask

This mask says that it is "Formulated in Korea", but unfortunately, it is another Made in China mask. Continuous disappointment.

4) Ruth Years - Snail & Saffron Anti-Wrinkle Mask

I don't know what to say except that this is Made in China.

5) East Skin - Natural Lemon Nourishing Mask

This looks exactly like the masks from FoodHolic, and at first, I really thought they were from FoodHolic, but unfortunately I was wrong. On the back of the packaging, there's Thai written over it, and unfortunately, another Made in China product.

6) Charm - Gold Snail Essence Tender Moisturising Mask

Made in China again.

7) Wobechon - It's Real Jelly Honey Mask

This looks exactly like the masks from Innisfree, and even the series name is the same "It's Real", but if you see again, it's actually a different brand, and no surprise again, it's Made in China again!

8) Pibamy - Snail Extract Multi-Nutrient Mask

And again, it's Made in China.

9) Liceko - Hydrating Emergency Facial Paste Mask

Made in China.

10) Wobechon - No.1 Snail Power Mask

Made in China.

11) Cathy Doll Aura Whitening Serum & Foam Cleanser

This came free with the box, and surprisingly, this is the ONLY item inside the box which is MADE IN KOREA!!!

Should I say that this box was a complete disappointment to me?! I wasn't expecting to receive 10 x MADE IN CHINA MASKS with such a high price tag to it!!! This was such a huge rip-off!!! I guess they weren't expecting their customers to be able to read Chinese, but I'm glad I could read it!! For the price of US$23, I was expecting higher quality masks from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan...but not China!!

And I quote from their website once again:
We're not gonna send you the usual well known generic brands that you can pick up cheaply in your home country or find in beauty sample boxes, just the newest, most innovative & high quality masks that are causing waves in Korea and beyond.

Yes, their brands are not the usual well known generic brands that we can pick up in our home country...because their brands are from China, and they are just dupes of what's already available in Korea. I must point out that even the people in China come to Hong Kong to shop for overseas brands (including Korea and Japan), and refuse to use their local brands or anything manufactured in their own country, because they know that their country is producing many fakes, and too many fakes.

I love skincare products and sheet masks - I use masks made from various countries, but sorry, China is not one of them. I have tried facial products from China before, and they smelled fine at first, but after I left them for about a year, they smelled so bad (see how perfume can cover the smell of the actual product?), but I have used body products which are made in China and they're fine, but I probably wouldn't use any of them for my face. I mean, if eggs (yes, eggs that look like eggs and taste like eggs, but if you hard-boil it, the yolk becomes a bouncy ball) can be fake, using corpse oil (yes, the oil left from a dead body) in food is fine, infant formulae which makes babies' heads disproportionally big, using rat meat instead of chicken/pork/beef in skewers (and so many more examples), I really don't trust their skincare products!! Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-China in any way, but I just wasn't expecting MADE IN CHINA masks in my Masks Box!

I guess I just spent US$23 buying a handmade box, because the masks inside aren't even worth US$2! I will not be purchasing from Oh Sheet Mask again.

In case you guys want to know if something is MADE IN CHINA or not, but you cannot read what's written, look for this logo. All items with this logo mean that it is Made in China, but not all Made in China items have this logo, but it will be a good indicator for you guys if you guys can't read Chinese:

If I were to create my own sheet masks subscription box, I would NOT put cheap (i.e. Made in China) masks inside. On a side note, we avoid putting Made in China foods in our ABCDEat Boxes, and even if we do (our Chinese New Year Box is bound to contain them), we do pick the better ones (preferably manufactured by a non-China company) with a higher quality control.

p.s. If anyone still wants to try this box, feel free to buy the entire box from me. Please leave me a comment below or email me for details.

That's enough of negativeness for one day! The more I linger on this topic, the more I feel I've been ripped off, so that's it for today!

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

Thursday, 13 November 2014


I know this has been around for quite a while, and it's been a super popular, but I didn't get a chance to try it out until now!


This is a very popular skincare product in Korea which is developed by Korean professional beauticians. It does not contain any harmful substances to the skin. It claims to tighten and brighten skin, remove pores and wrinkles, enrich skin's elasticity, and soften skin & remove keratin.

Price: HK$185

Inside the Box

Mask Powder: 2g x 16 packs
Face Lift Activator: 60ml x1
Brush: 1

How to Use

1. Clean your face

2. Pour one portion of the Activator into the powder, and stir. It looks beating eggs!

3. Use the brush to apply the mixture onto your face in an outwards motion, avoiding the eyes and the mouth. If you want to clear blackheads, apply a thick layer of the mixture over the area with a lot of blackheads (i.e. the nose), then cover with gauze or thin cotton pad, and apply another layer over the gauze.

4. After 5 minutes, your face will start to feel very tight. To me, it felt itchy.

5. Wash off with warm water after 10-15 minutes. It was slightly hard to wash off because of how slippery it was (I wasn't sure if I had washed it off enough). It is normal if your face turns slightly red - mine was slightly red, but it went away pretty quickly.

6. Use three times a week

Note: Do not use this product if you are allergic to eggs.

Personal Experience

One portion of the Activator and Powder is just enough to use for one time on one face - I read that you can cover your nose with gauze and then apply another layer of the mixture over the gauze, but there wasn't really enough to wet the whole piece of my gauze, and I had already tried to use every single bit left of my mixture!

Leaving the mask on my face for 10-15 minutes was a nightmare! Firstly, the mask smells terrible, and secondly, when the mask started drying on my face, my face felt quite itchy, and it made me really wanted to wash it off (of course, I didn't wash it off until 15 minutes later)!

Washing it off was okay, but it was quite slippery to wash off, and I couldn't tell if my face was clean yet or not, because it left a slippery feeling on my face even though I had washed my face so many times with water!

It wasn't as WOW as I expected - although the photos of people using the Zombie Pack really have the zombie effect, the zombie effect wasn't too obvious on my skin, which was a little disappointing!

The Blackhead tip didn't work for my blackheads at all! I don't know what I was expecting from it, but it didn't help get rid of my blackheads at all!

It claims that it will help moisturise your skin blah blah blah, but my skin felt quite dry after using the pack, and I had to apply a face sheet mask afterwards! I didn't see any other effect on my skin other than my face feeling quite smooth.

It's quite a cool invention, and it was quite fun to use, but that's all! I don't even know if I will finish the rest of the pack, so that's a wasted HK$185 of my money!

That's it for today.
Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!

Sunday, 2 November 2014


The Intercos Smooth Sensitive Removal Cream was featured in Memebox Superbox #24 Waxing.

When summer comes around the corner, every girl needs a proper waxing for her under-arms, legs, arms, and bikini-lines. With Intercos' sensational hair removal cream, waxing can become so much quicker and easier. There's no need for a razor blade or a painful waxing procedure anymore. Simply apply the removal cream and after 5-10 minutes, rinse off in a shower.

How to use:

Apply the removal cream on areas you wish to wax, wait for 5-10 minutes, and then just jump into the shower and rinse off.

Personal View:

The Removal Cream smells like those of Veet, but it's even worse!
The Removal Cream comes in a container where you have to use a spatula to scoop out the cream. Memebox only gave us a wooden spatula (like those in ice-blocks but bigger), so I'm not sure how well you can clean it and reuse it for the next time.

I realised that I needed to use quite a lot in order to cover up all the areas I had hair on, so that's 1/3 of the container gone!

If I remember correctly, you only need to leave the Veet's foam on your body for 3-5 minutes before you can wash it off, but for the Intercos Removing Cream, you need to leave it on for 5-10 minutes before washing it off! Leaving it on for 10 minutes was really troublesome, because I didn't want my clothes to get dirty, so I ended up wearing a towel dress, and clipping up the bottom parts so that the towel wouldn't touch my legs (hubby laughed at me for doing this, because I was doing a hair treatment at the same time, and I looked super crazy with my hair up and dress up -.-). I was really happy to wash it off after 10 minutes, but I realised that it wasn't so easy to wash off with plain water - my legs still had that slippery unclean feeling after washing it with water, and that really bad smell was still there, so I was forced to take another shower with shower gel again! I also realised that the hair on my legs wouldn't wash off by itself, and actually required me to rub my legs with my hands (with some added pressure) to successfully get rid of the hair - super troublesome!

"With Intercos' sensational hair removal cream, waxing can become so much quicker and easier."

I think it's actually way more convenient if I just used a razor!!!

Final Verdict:
Too smelly
Too time consuming
Too troublesome
Not very effective

I would definitely not repurchase!!!

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!


The Purederm Miracle Body Shaping Treatment was featured in Memebox Special #27 Diet Box.

Purederm's Miracle Body Shaping Treatment is made from a patented complex, 'Bodyfit' which has proven to be highly effective in breaking down excess cellulites and preventing body fats form piling up. The caffeine components also work to remove puffiness along your body line, and the moisturising components such as olive oil and sweet almond oil help maintain body skin highly moist and supple.

How to use:

There are two parts to the Treatment.
Tear along the dotted line to separate the two parts.

Open up the CO2 patch.

You will see something like a Panadol body patch.

Open up the package with the Miracle Body Sculpting Gel, and pour generously over the CO2 patch. Make sure you pour it onto the side where it sticks to your body.

Peel off the sides of the patch.

Adhere the patch over your arms, thighs, back, tummy, or wherever you wish.
I put mine on my tummy.

Remove the patch after 20-30 minutes.

Personal Views:

It's quite an easy product to use, and it's not really that messy - at least my hands were clean afterwards! After putting it on my tummy for around 5 minutes, I could feel my tummy getting warm. The warmth wasn't overly hot or unbearable, but my tummy did feel slightly itchy, though that feeling did go away pretty quickly. I removed the patch after 30 minutes, and I saw that my tummy was quite red, though the redness did go away very quickly. There was a lot of essence left on my tummy which I had to wipe off with some tissue. I don't think I noticed any difference in size nor firmness after using the patch, but it was quite a fun thing to try out! I probably wouldn't repurchase though!

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!

Saturday, 1 November 2014


The D'RAN Wonder Serum was featured in the Oriental Medicine Memebox, whereas the Yufit Eon Wheat-Germ 97 Essence was featured in the Brightening Skincare Memebox. In this post, I will just do a brief review of these two products, because I only used both of them once, and never will I use them again!

1) D'RAN Wonder Serum 30ml

Made from 20 different Korean medicinal herbs such as ginseng, black hoof mushrooms, licorice, portulaca, and ganoderma, the Wonder Serum delivers abundant nutrients and moisture deep into your skin to erase those years off your face, for a revitalised, glowing complexion.

I applied it onto my face, and my face felt slightly itchy afterwards. It wasn't unbearable, but it just didn't feel normal. I won't be using this anymore.

2) Yufit Eon Wheat-Germ97 Essence 

A whitening, anti-wrinkle, brightening, and moisturising facial essence all-in-one! This Eon Wheat-Germ97 Essence contains various naturally derived ingredients which all work to deliver abundant nutrition deep down into your skin, for an overall brighter, and healthier complexion. You'll feel how it literally feels in moisture from deep within your skin and balance out the uneven skin tone and texture with continuous application.

I applied it onto my face, and my face felt slightly itchy, then the itching gradually increased. My face also became slightly red, and the itching became unbearable. Despite this, my hands were not itchy after using this essence. I instantly had to go wash my face with soap and water, then I applied an aloe mask. My face was still itchy afterwards, and my eyes became slightly itchy too, so I had to take my anti-allergy medication! I will definitely never be using this again!!!

I have an allergy to Penicillin (I will get a rash, feel nauseas, have diarrhoea when I take Penicillin), but I've never had any reactions to other fermented skincare products! I've heard many good reviews about the Wonder Serum, but it just wasn't for me, and neither was the Wheat-Germ Essence.

Bye bye Wonder Serum and Wheat-Germ97 Essence!!!


I received another box from Memebox, and this time, it's one of the Global Editions! They really never disappoint!!!

Memebox Global #16

I love how the Global Editions include a variety of products, not just for the face! I've also purchased the #17-19 bundle, and I can't wait to receive them!!!

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