Thursday, 23 October 2014


I received this product inside my Memebox Special #16 OMG Box, but since it was orange in colour, I originally thought of giving it away. I did, however, change my mind, because I need to start blogging about products again, and this would be a good place to start!

SKINAZ The Kissable 24H Lip Tattoo 13g

SKINAZ takes lip makeup to a whole new level with its Lip Tattoo! This'll be the ultimate no-makeup makeup since it actually works like an impermanent colour tattoo on your lips and does not smudge or gets erased for 24 hours long. Plus, it comes in five lusciously radiant colours: Lovely Pink, Sexy Red, Rising Sun, Sweet Wine, Kiss Orange

How to Use:

Apply the Lip Tattoo thickly over your lips and wait 10-15 minutes until it completely dries up.

 Then, remove the dried lip tattoo from one end to another.

Finish off by applying another layer of lip gloss or lip balm over the top.


When I first applied it onto my lips, it left my lips feeling quite sticky. The colour was also very bright and bold! It dried up after 10 minutes, and I was able to peel it off quite easily. The colour left on my lips was still quite orange, but it was definitely not as sharp as before peeling it off! Surprisingly, it was not too drying on my lips! The colour was also very long-lasting, as it was not so easy to wash off with water. I also tried to wipe it off using the Chanel Eye & Lip Remover, but the colour had still not completely come off. I was able to wash it all off eventually after using my facial cleanser and Clarisonic Mia2. If I had received the Lovely Pink, I would probably use it more, but since I received the Kiss Orange, I would probably just put it away.

This definitely was a fun product to play around with, but it wasn't really that OMG to me.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!


This is another Pore Care Box that I ordered...

Memebox Superbox #63 Blackheads No More

I used the Dermahouse Deep Cleansing Cream just now, and it's pretty good! It has a faint scent, not too overwhelming, and it was able to wash the Holika Holika Berry Berry Lip Tint (I received it from the Memebox Superbox #62 Just Gellin' Box) off my lips. It's also not too drying on the face too!
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Thank you, and have a nice day!!!
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It's Memebox Day again, and I received two Memeboxes, of which, one is the...

Memebox Superbox #62 Just Gellin'

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Thank you, and have a nice day!!!

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Getting bored of the snacks available at your local supermarket? Want to try something new and fun? Our monthly boxes are your best bet - giving you the opportunity to try and taste a variety of snacks from all over Asia! You'll no longer have to search high and low for these cool and tasty snacks anymore! Pre-order your December Box now, and start your tasting journey now!!!

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Friday, 17 October 2014


Don't know what to cook when you're home alone? Throw away those boring leftovers, and stir up an easy yet delicious meal for one with this Dinner 4 One Box from ABCDEat!! This Box contains enough to set you off with a four-course meal, and you can also try the delicacies of Asia!!!

When you make your order, please let us know which rice you want to receive: 01 Chicken Curry Flavour, or 02 Seafood Flavour.

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Saturday, 11 October 2014


To celebrate having 120 likes on our Facebook Page, we are holding a Giveaway, where we are giving away three prizes to three winners!!! Each prize is a smaller version of our usual ABCDEat Snack Boxes, and they contain 10 types of Asian goodies!!! 

Start: 12am @ Monday 13 October 2014 (HKT +8h GMT)
End: 12am @ Sunday 19 October 2014 (HKT +8h GMT)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!!!

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Thursday, 9 October 2014


I've always wanted to buy products to make my brows pretty, but I didn't really know what to buy, so when this box came out, I bought it instantly!!

Memebox Superbox #57 All About Brows

I was pretty content with the box actually. I'm okay with most shades from Memebox, I guess that's because Memebox is a Korean brand, and I'm Asian (and pretty fair), so their products work okay for me. The only thing I probably won't be using is the razor, as I've previously had bad experiences with it, but I'm surprised they didn't add any tweezers, which are like a necessity to me.

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Thank you everyone for your support in ABCDEat!! We have currently sold 13 Halloween Party Boxes, and have already received pre-orders for our November Box and Premier Box!!! Seeing how well our Trial Box went, today we have decided to launch our November Box!!!
This is officially ABCDEat's FIRST FULL-SIZE BOX!!!

Who doesn't love Asian snacks? There's just SO MUCH variety, and we can never taste them all!!! Our first monthly box will contain a variety of snacks from different countries, and you will be able to try at least 10 different types of foods!!! Fill your hearts with endless goodies from ABCDEat!!! Pre-order your November Box now, and start your tasting journey now!!!

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I was so surprised to receive this on my birthday - It felt like I was receiving a present from Memebox!!!

Memebox Special #38 My Mask Box

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Thank you everyone for the support, because we are launching our first snacks subscription box today!!!

ABCDEat presents to you...


It's time to party during this once-a-year celebration! Dress up in your favourite costume and go trick-or-treating! This year, Halloween will be like no other - say goodbye to the boring Halloween goodies that you get every year from your local supermarkets, and instead, fill your bags with all the cute and funky goodies from Asia, perfect to share with your friends and family!

Please note that this box is a Trial Box, and it will be of a smaller size than our other usual boxes. This box was created mainly for feedback & review purposes.

Shipping Date: Monday 13 October, 2014
Price: US$11.99 (+ $5.50 shipping)
Payments will be made via PayPal.

ABCDEat ships internationally.


ABCDEat only accepts payments by PayPal.

ABCDEat ships internationally by Airmail (without tracking code), but if you would like the package sent out by Registered Mail with tracking code, you need to add $2.20 to your purchase.


1) Please email us at, telling us:
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- which shipping method you prefer
- your PayPal address so that we can invoice you and request payment
2) We will confirm your order within 2 working days, and also send you an invoice for your purchase.
3) Please transfer the amount stated on the invoice within 3 working days via PayPal, and also tell us your name, address, and phone number.
4) We will notify you once we have shipped out your order.

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Thank you, and happy shopping!!!