Sunday, 21 September 2014


I've been eyeing this box for quite a while now, and it has been sitting in my wish list all this time, but I still haven't purchased it yet.

This box contains:

1) SKIN&LAB A Plus Lifting 30ml

Effects: Anti-ageing, Collagen Synthesis, Elasticity Improvement, Skin Texture/Improvement, Wrinkle Improvement

2) SKIN&LAB B Plus Trouble-X 30ml

Effects: Acne Prevention, Irritation Alleviation, Moisturising, Revitalising, Sebum Control

3) SKIN&LAB C Plus Brightening 30ml

Effects: Anti-ageing, Antioxidant Recovery, Brightening, Melanin-Synthesis Control, Skin Tone Improvement

4) SKIN&LAB E Plus Moisturising 30ml

Effects: Deep Hydration, Nutrient Supply, Photo-Ageing Prevention, Revitalising, Strong Antioxidant

5) SKIN&LAB K Plus Red-X 30ml

Effects: Complexion Improvement, Minimising Dark Circle, Minimising Fatigue and Bruises, Reducing Redness, Soothing

6) SKIN&LAB Red Serum

This is truly a Vitamin Box, and it is selling for USD49.99. There is a shipping fee to the box, but if I purchase an item from the Free Shipping Zone, then I can get free shipping on my whole order!! Another great thing about Wishtrend!!!

The reason why I'm tempted to buy this box:
You can mix the different creams together according to your skin condition!

The reason why I still haven't purchased this box:
I'm not good with remembering which products to mix together to get a certain effect, and the price is slightly high (as compared to a Memebox).

What do you guys think? Do you guys think I should get it?

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  1. Hey boo! Thanks for the giveaway :) I posted it on my blog and linked to yours