Friday, 19 September 2014

Memebox September Coupon Codes

Memebox usually announces their discount codes at the beginning of each month, but this month, they extended the use of the August codes until mid-September! I received my codes a few days ago, but I was just too busy to post here. Here they are now, are you guys ready?!

Coupon/Promo Codes:

$5 off your total purchase: AQM4 and MVD6

$5 off on orders above $100 (automatic): AFFILIATE-1313-1DZX9-KQAA

$10 off on orders above $150 (automatic): AFFILIATE-1225-SDZND-XLRR

$5 off on orders when you buy 3 or more Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE3

$8 off on orders when you buy 4 or more Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE4

Free shipping on purchases over $70 at the Memeshop: FREESHIPPING

$5 off on any USA Shop order over $25: USA5OFF25

A reminder that there are free upgrades to express shipping on Box Value Sets.

Express Shipping has been discounted from $25.99 per box to the current $18.99 per box!!!

Hurry and get your boxes now at:

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