Tuesday, 5 August 2014


I had a few issues with FoodHappy earlier on, hence not being able to receive boxes from FoodHappy for the past two weeks - there was an issue with my credit card and payment was not accepted, but FoodHappy refused to let me redeem my free boxes without my credit card being functional. The problem has now been resolved, and FoodHappy has been sending me boxes again, but since I was at the hospital last week, I was unable to pick up my box from the our building security until today.

The boxes I've tried so far:
(personal rating: 7/10)

(personal rating: 8/10)

(personal rating: 8/10)

ChocHappy Box
(personal rating: 8/10)

Every time I try a new item in the box, I am able to rate them, so it helps them decide what to send me next in my future boxes!!

These were the snacks I received (I switched three items in my box, but they ignored one of my replacements and put in the original product without notifying me beforehand - these boxes are preordered, so why do they fail to put the product that I requested and not being able to notify me beforehand?). On a side note, they have still not updated the list of the products that I have received, so I am still unable to rate some of the items that they replaced inside my previous boxes!

I have finished my subscription with FoodHappy, and I am still deciding whether I want to continue.

Finally, it's time for revealing the discount coupon...

Use this coupon to get HK$10 off three FoodHappy Boxes ($30 off in total): MZ3QB

For more information about FoodHappy, please visit their website:

Thank you and have a nice day!!!

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