Tuesday, 12 August 2014


If you ordered a certain box for last week, you will be getting the same type of box the following week, unless you change it before a certain day. I ordered a PremierBox the previous week, but I was in hospital during that time (and had too many things on my mind), so I was unable to change the type of box delivered for last week, so I received another PremierBox (but they deducted $40 off the box since I have a few coupons to use up).

The boxes I've tried so far:
(personal rating: 7/10)

(personal rating: 8/10)

(personal rating: 8/10)

ChocHappy Box
(personal rating: 8/10)

Premier Box
(personal rating: 8/10)

Every time I try a new item in the box, I am able to rate them, so it helps them decide what to send me next in my future boxes!!

These were the snacks I received (I switched five items in my box). On a side note, they have still not updated the list of the products that I have received, so I am still unable to rate some of the items that they replaced inside my previous boxes!

I have finished my subscription with FoodHappy, and I am just using up the "Free FoodHappy Box" coupons that I have earned.

Finally, it's time for revealing the discount coupon...

Use this coupon to get HK$10 off three FoodHappy Boxes ($30 off in total): MZ3QB

For more information about FoodHappy, please visit their website:

Thank you and have a nice day!!!

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