Thursday, 10 July 2014


I never intended to buy this box as I don't really need it, but I bought it for my husband...

A blogger, namely Bunbunny, was kind enough to share this on
There have recently been contamination issues with certain Benton products, particularly in their Snail Bee Essence, where many people have reported actual green mould-like substance in their bottle, and it HAS shown to cause very bad breakouts and reactions in people. Others have reported issues with Benton's ALoe BHA line. The manufacturing date on these products is March 5th, 2014.
Benton says that the Snail Bee Essence was the only product involved, but given that they use the same manufacturing facilities for many of their products, it is strongly advised to patch test your product very carefully on a small section of your skin, such as the back of your hand, before using on your face!
Pictures of the mould in the Snail Bee Essence:

Benton's response (note that exchanges/refunds will only be done on the Snail Bee Essence):

Blog post about the issue, along with a picture of her reaction to the product:

Personally, I'm not really excited about the products inside this box, but I do hope my husband will like the products!

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