Thursday, 3 July 2014


I waited for so long for this box to ship out, and I finally received it...
I wasn't overly excited about the products inside, but I am glad that it wasn't just full of sunscreen and oil-free products!!!

I wasn't too happy about the Hope Girl Mascara that I received, as I had just received another one of these in my previous Office Essentials Memebox. The other products are okay, but since it's July already, I doubt I will have any use for the CNKCOS Transformer Solution for cooling sunburnt skin (but yes, it looks like a fun product to try!). The CC cream's packaging is cute, but I seldom use BB or CC creams, so I think I'm left with the sunblock and the whitening essence that I will be using most out of the entire box!

If you're interested in any of the products inside this box, please check out my page on Memebox Products On Sale, or if they're not available, please comment below as the page may not be up to date.

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For more information on Memeboxes, please visit their website:

Thank you, and have a nice Meme-day!!!

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