Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Snacking is something that I love, especially when I'm pregnant and I'm always feeling hungry! I really like how the snacks inside my FoodHappy boxes are individually wrapped, so I can place a few in my handbag just in case!

The boxes I've tried so far:
(personal rating: 7/10)

(personal rating: 8/10)

(personal rating: 8/10)

Every time I try a new item in the box, I am able to rate them, so it helps them decide what to send me next in my future boxes!!

These were the snacks I received (I switched three items in my box, but why didn't they have chocolate replacement items instead of random ones?), and because of the items I switched, this box is not really a Chocolate Box anymore, but I'm still happy with it, in fact, I look forward to receiving my boxes every week!!!

There was a product missing in my box last week, and they said they would include it in their box this week, however, I realised that they had packed the wrong item (the product that was missing was the Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai, but they sent the Pomegranate one). I also realised that the Gullon Choco Soya Cookie had been replaced with three Morinaga Symphony Cookies (but they didn't upload their list online so I can't rate any of these items)!

I have finished with my current subscription with FoodHappy, but next week, I shall continue with my subscription, and I'll be looking forward to my Premier Box!!!

Finally, it's time for revealing the discount coupon...

Use this coupon to get HK$10 off three FoodHappy Boxes ($30 off in total): MZ3QB

For more information about FoodHappy, please visit their website:

Thank you and have a nice day!!!

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