Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Blackheads and enlarged pores are a major concern of my face (actually it's more of a concern on hubby's face, because since using the Clarisonic Mia2, I have had less blackheads stuck to my nose!), so I recently purchased the Memebox Superbox #13: Pore Care, so I'll be posting a lot on pore care from now on!!

One of the products I received in my Pore Care Superbox is the O'GCE Blackheads All Clear Nose Pack + Pore Tightener Full Set, retailing at a price of USD11 at the Memeshop. It is a two-step system that is designed to remove existing blackheads and whiteheads around your nose, as well as tightening up the pores to control oil product and prevent the formation of new blackheads and whiteheads.

I like how it's a two step product, so after opening up the pores and extracting the blackheads, it also comes with a serum to apply afterwards to help shrink the pores (other products on the market only come with the pore strip, but doesn't teach us how to shrink the pores afterwards!). But like other pore strips, it can be quite a painful experience when peeling off the strip off your nose!!

Inside The Box:

7 x Charcoal Pore Strip
7 x Pore Tightening Serum

How To Use:

Use on a cleansed face.
Wet nose. Remove the pore strip from the plastic film and stick onto your nose.
I wasn't very pleased when I applied the pore strip, as there were no slits in the strip unlike the ones from Bioré, and the strip had a very overwhelming charcoal/smokey smell!!!

Remove the pore strip after 10 minutes or until it becomes completely dry, starting from the ends. Yes, it was quite painful, but the results were quite good!!

Rinse your nose with lukewarm water, and apply the pore tightening serum. 

The pore tightening serum comes in a cute syringe-shaped packet, smells really nice of honey and the camellia flower, but it feels SUPER STICKY (even stickier than glue)!! After 5 minutes after application, the serum dried on my nose, and it even felt like dried glue on my face - considering how sticky it was and how it dried up on my nose, I actually thought they gave me glue instead of serum!!!
(Please note that the instructions on the Memebox Information Card stop here, but there is actually more to it!!!)

I really wanted to leave it like this, because the glue-like-serum tightened my pores, and my pores were no longer visible anymore, but it was so tight that it felt really uncomfortable on my nose, and it was so uncomfortable that I couldn't help peeling the "glue" off my nose...

It obviously didn't feel right, so I did my own research, and apparently, after 5-8 minutes after application, you are supposed to wash it off. If you leave it on for too long, your nose will become slightly red and irritated.
So, if I had followed the instructions on the Info Card, I would have had to sleep with the glue-like-serum on my nose ~ eww!!!


It was quite a good product, but I think I'd use the rest of the pack on hubby, as he has more blackheads on his nose that can be extracted easily using pore strips (he accepts this method more than using the blackhead extracting stick anyway)!! We would probably repurchase :)

Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

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