Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Memebox June Shipping Promo Codes

The new Memebox shipping policy is now in effect:

From Monday 23 June, 2014, Memebox will be implementing shipping fees of $6.99 per box ordered, including any Memebox, Superbox, and Luckybox. This fee will be applied to each box in your order, unless otherwise stated in any particular limited offers.

On the bright side, Memebox is offering more Box Value Set options for those of you who would like to purchase more than one box at one session, so you'll have the benefit of paying standard shipping payment of $6.99 only ONCE, or to upgrade to expedited shipping at standard shipping price, all while enjoying 2 or more new boxes.


SHIP4CHEAP2 - If you purchase more than one box, this will take $6.99 off your overall purchase

VIP SHIPPING PROMO CODES (valid until 5 July 2014):

OEJEG8 - Shipping Waive for 3 Boxes ~ if you purchase 3 boxes, you only pay $6.99 for shipping
0WBWIZ - Shipping Waive for 4 Boxes ~ if you purchase 4 boxes, you only pay $6.99 for shipping

Please check out my previous post for more Coupon Codes and discounts here.

Happy Memebox Shopping, and have a nice day!!!

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