Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Memebox Discount Updates

Exclusively for the readers of geniesfavproducts...

From June 23rd to 30th, there will be an ADDITIONAL $3 OFF discount on any orders above $70 (shipping charges not included). The additional $3 off discount for promotional boxes can only applied when you purchase them with more than 1 non-promotional box.

This means...
If you purchase 2 promotion boxes and 1 non-promotion box that add up to $70 in your total amount, you will get $9 off in total! This additional $3 off discount can be applied in conjunction with the $3 off promo codes and 5 referral points (which will be valid until the end of June, so hurry up!)...therefore you will be able to save up to 20%!!

Reminder that the links to the June promotion products where you can get $3 off per item are here. (Valid until June 30th).

Please note that Memebox has made major changes in their Memebox policies:

1. Referral and Welcome Points Policy Change Notification
Starting from today, Welcome points will no longer be given to new customers.
Starting from 1st July, the $5 referral points that were given to customers will no longer be available.

2. Shipping Policy Change Notification
Starting from today, Memebox will charge $6.99 per box ordered for shipping, including any Memebox, Superbox, and Luckybox. This fee will be applied to each box in your order, unless otherwise stated in any particular limited offers.

Please also see my previous post on the Shipping Promo Codes on how to save money on shipping costs!

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