Friday, 27 June 2014

Memebox Coupon Codes Update

Have you guys been shopping at Memebox much lately? Did you use the Coupon Codes I provided last time? Cos now, I have an even BETTER code to use which will get you $15 off your order!!!

In my previous post, I put this coupon up:
1) At Checkout, use the code: MEMEBOXKIIP to save $10 on your order!! (I don't know when this coupon expires, so make use of it soon!)

If you've already used the previous code, you can use this one now:
2) At Checkout, use the code: TRYMEMEBOX to save $15 on your order!! (This code expires on July 8th!)

Please note that you can only use each code once, so be wise on what you spend it on!!!

Please also check my previous posts for more  info on discounts and promo codes:

For more information on Memebox, please check out their website:

There are also two new boxes on the Memebox VIP Website:

Memebox Special #19 Cleansing Kit
Memebox Superbox #41 My Cute Wishlist

Thank you, and have a nice Meme Day!!!

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