Friday, 9 May 2014


Who hasn't heard of the brand IOPE nowadays? It seems to be really popular, with its "Miracle Water", the Air Cushion, and other great products it sells. I started using this brand during the winter of 2012-2013 when my sister-in-law brought back some sample sized creams from Korea, and I instantly fell in love with those creams!!! Let's see what the rave is all about!!! :D

Super Vital Extra Moist Cream by IOPE

This cream is a bestseller item from IOPE, a brand of Amore Pacific Corporation.

My sister-in-law brought this back from her Korea trip back in 2012 and gave me a small 8mL sample to try along with many other Korean skincare products. I instantly fell in love with the cream and asked her where she got it from, then she gave me a few more samples. At that time, IOPE was not so popular in Hong Kong, and I could not find them selling anywhere, but I'm glad to find them selling almost everywhere in Hong Kong nowadays! I mainly use this in the winter as it is super moisturising, but I did try to use it recently too and it's spring was still okay but I still prefer saving it to use in winter.

Texture: Rich and creamy, but absorbs very quickly and does not leave any sticky nor greasy feeling.

- Nice packaging
- Smells really nice
- Very nutritious for the skin
- Leaves my skin feeling very soft and supple after application
- Absorbs very quickly into the skin
- Does not leave a greasy nor sticky feeling
- Perfect for normal/dry skin or to use during the dry winter months

- The full size tub is quite expensive (around HKD750+)
- May not be so good for people with oily skin or for use during the humid summer months

Rating: 9/10

Bio-Essence Intensive Conditioning 168mL

This is an Asian facial treatment that promises to promote clear skin and firming, even out skin tone, and brighten skin within 3 days of use. Other bloggers usually compare this to the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, and found them to be of similar effectiveness. I will be referring to the Bio-Essence Intensive Conditioning as "IOPE Essence" in this review.

I ordered the IOPE Essence from for a price of around HKD380 when it was on sale, but I had to wait for around 2 weeks for the shop to restock. I recently went back to see how much the IOPE Essence cost, and the price has gone up to HKD438, but there is stock available at the shop, so there is no need to wait for that long for the IOPE Essence to be delivered to your door.

I love online shopping because I really enjoy the process of unwrapping packages! When I opened up the package, I was surprised to see that my IOPE Essence had come with a box of cotton pads for free!

I have used the IOPE Essence for more than 1 month before doing this review.

- It comes in a frosted glass bottle with a silver cap
- It feels sturdy and heavy in hand
- There is a small hole to dispense the product (many people complain that the hole only releases a few droplets of essence each time, but I have had no trouble with this so far)

How to use:
- It is recommended to be used as an essence: After using toner, place the cotton pad onto the middle finger and soak the pad with 3mL (size of a coin or 1/3 of the cotton pad) of the IOPE Essence. Starting from the cheeks and forehead and then moving from the centre of your face, slowly wipe your face from the inside to the outside, and then gently pat your face with your hands to enhance its absorption. You will see that the cotton pad will turn to a brownish colour, as it wipes off all the dirt on your face.
- Some people prefer to use this as a toner: Pour a sufficient amount of the IOPE Essence onto palms, and pat onto the face.

- Contains a high percentage of fermented ingredient(s)
- It is transparent and has a watery consistency with no smell whatsoever
- It is very hydrating (sometimes I just apply the IOPE Essence without applying moisturiser, and my skin still feels hydrated!)
- It wipes off any dirt very well (even better than my usual toner)
- Absorbs very quickly (especially when I pat it onto my face using my hands)
- Hubby has complimented that my skin looks healthier and brighter now too!
- Much cheaper than the SK-II "miracle water"

- Slightly expensive
- I had hoped for it to tighten my pores, but it had no effect on this
- It didn't do anything "WOW!" to my skin (perhaps it would be more effective for those older than me and actually needs some fixing up in their skin)

Rating: 7/10

IOPE Air Cushion XP SPF50+/PA+++

This is another highly raved product, but unfortunately I didn't end up buying this product - my friend did. These are the photos that she took of her product, and she loves it, so unfortunately, I cannot review this product.


I've read mixed reviews on this IOPE Air Cushion, so I'm still deciding whether to purchase this one or the Laneige one. I'll let you know when I do buy my one though!

But for now, thanks for reading, and have a nice day!
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  1. Hi there! I'll be going to HK in March. Can you tell me where I can purchase the IOPE air cushion? I'll be in the Tsim Sha Tsui area. Thanks!

    1. They sell them at SASA, and SASA shops can be found everywhere in Tsim Sha Tsui - there are a few on Nathan Road. Similar shops such as Bonjour and Colourmix are in the area too :)

  2. Loved this ty. Why makes this and Sk different in korea? Which company is geared more towards anti aging hey man I ask, only because I'm new and I love learning, are there any great blogs that you recommend following? I look forward to reading the rest of your blog here. Thank you