Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Learn about PREGNANCY!!!

At this age,  many friends and relatives will ask when you're getting married, and when you're having kids. Many of my friends have now gotten married or are planning to get married, and some are even pregnant! Many people also have the same questions when it comes to pregnancy, so I have decided to do a Vlog on my experiences of being pregnant!! It's quite a long video of around 35 minutes, but I have also done a Part 2 of the video, since I couldn't mention everything in one video!!!

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Learn about PREGNANCY Part 2!!!

It's another long video about PREGNANCY. In this Vlog, I will be talking about pregnancy discomforts, as well as maternity clothes, breastfeeding, and choosing infant formula for babies.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or give me an email!! For those who did watch to the end, thank you again for watching, and have a nice day!! I will be posting quite a bit on pregnancy, so do come check them out!! :)

Monday, 14 April 2014


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FRIDAY 16 MAY 2014

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Thursday, 10 April 2014


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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Fruit Infused Water

Drinking eight glasses of water can be quite difficult, especially when you don't like the taste of plain water! A solution to this is by trying these Fruit Infused Water Drinks, a healthy alternative to sweetened drinks.

Since posting this pic onto my Facebook and Instagram, a few people have asked me how to make these drinks, so I have decided to blog on it today.

Since being pregnant, I've found it very hard to keep water down, as the bland taste of water makes me nauseas, so I've been looking for ways to change this. I remember drinking the h2go kiwifruit + a splash of strawberry flavoured water back in New Zealand, so I decided to make a natural version of them.

There are many recipes on the Internet, but I usually just use the things I have at it's Strawberries and Lime. I usually use the big strawberries, but today I have the small strawberries from Korea.

I'm going to use my 350mL bottle, but I usually refill it at least once, so I do add quite a lot of strawberries compared to other recipes.

- 6 x strawberries (3 strawberries if they are big in size)
- 1 x key lime
- 1 x water bottle
- drinking water

1. Wash the fruits and cut the stems off your strawberries. Leave your strawberries in salted water for 1 minute before rinsing with cooled boiled water.

2. Slice the strawberries into at least 4 slices per strawberry, and halve the lime. I prefer to take the seeds out of the key lime before putting them into my drink.

3. Put the fruits into your bottle. I put in half of the lime, but squeezed juice from the other half into my bottle.

4. Fill your bottle with cooled boiling water or any filtered water.

5. Let the bottle sit in the fridge for 2-8 hours (depending on how strong you want the flavour to be).

6. After 2 hours, I took out the lime from my bottle, but let the bottle continue to sit in the fridge. I didn't want my drink to be too sour.

7. Before serving, you can use a fork to mash the fruits inside, or you can just shake your bottle a little to mix the flavours together.

You can add any of your favourite fruits (anything except bananas), veggies, and herbs into your drink. Be creative!

I have also tried strawberries & blueberries. strawberries & orange, strawberries & kiwifruit. I find that strawberries give the most pleasant taste, but I don't recommend using blueberries unless they're cheap around where you live, because they're rather expensive in Hong Kong, but the taste is not very strong when being infused in water. If you use cold water to infuse your water, and do not soak it for too long, you can even eat the fruits you used to infuse in your drink!!

My strawberry and blueberry infused tea :)
My strawberry and orange infused water :)
Tips & Other Suggestions:

If you're adding blueberries or any fruit that has skin around it, then you need to cut the fruit up so the juice can infuse into your drink.

Instead of adding water to your drink, you can add ice or soda instead, and if you don't want to be drinking something too cold, you can just leave the bottle in room temperature for a few hours too. Just do whatever suits you!

If you find that your drink is too sour for your liking, you can also add a teaspoon of honey into your drink!! <-- personal experience

You could also puree your ingredients and then use a sieve to strain the pulp, dilute with water, and sip with a straw.

Fruit Infused Tea
You can also make Fruit Infused Teas by boiling the fruits together in water for a few minutes, or just by adding hot boiling water into the fruit and letting it to simmer for a few minutes before taking the fruits out.

You can also try these combinations:
  • Cucumber & Fresh Mint
  • Apple & Cinnamon Sticks
  • Blueberry & Strawberry
  • Orange, Cucumber, Lime & Lemon
  • Lemon, Cucumber, Fresh Mint, & Fresh Strawberry
  • Frozen Grapes, Frozen Strawberries, & Fresh Mint
  • Watermelon, Pineapple, & Apple
  • Honey Dew, Cantaloupe, & Watermelon
  • Peach, Honey Dew, & Cantaloupe
  • Watermelon & Peach
  • Strawberry & Fresh Mint
  • Fresh Mint, Fresh Lavender, & Lemon
  • Peach, Strawberry, & Raspberry/Blackberry
  • Kiwi, Raspberry, & Peach
  • Strawberry & Orange

For more information, you can check out the following sites:

Hope you enjoyed reading, and be creative with your drinks!!!

Finding Mr. Right, JipiJapa :)

I've always had problem with buying nice and comfortable shoes that wouldn't give me blisters, peeled off skin, and sore feet. I've tried many brands, cheap and expensive, but nothing worked.

Recently, TOMS have been really popular, and the silver colour caught my attention, but I didn't like their glittery type of silver; however, I did see something similar at a shop called JipiJapa, and I instantly fell in love!!

This is only part of my shoe collection from JipiJapa.

JipiJapa is actually a brand under Belle International Holdings Limited, the No. 1 woman's shoe retailer in the People's Republic of China. Under the same company are brands such as Belle, Staccato, Teenmix, Tata, Fato, JipiJapa, Joy & Peace, and Bata.

I spotted one of their stores at Luk Yeung Galleria in Tsuen Wan, and went inside to have a peek. The prices of the shoes weren't cheap, so I was slightly reluctant to buy them at first. The saleslady was very nice and welcoming, and I tried on a few designs.

I have narrow feet, in-line positioning of toes, and splayed feet. My current size at JipiJapa is size 240, though it varies depending on the design of the shoe.

My first pair of shoes from JipiJapa were actually the fuchsia/magenta slip-ons!! I wasn't a fan of pink until I met my husband, but I absolutely fell in love with the colour as well its comfortableness!!! 

- Extremely comfortable
- Extremely soft leather
- Cushioned and supported insoles
- Bean rubber sole has adequate friction ridges to prevent slipping
- Fits narrow feet (like mine)
- Comes in many different colours and patterns

- Hard to wash when it gets dirty
- Does not fit wide and thick feet
- Quite pricey (around HK$1000 before discount)

Seeing how comfortable they were, I bought another pair...THE SILVER!!!

- Unlike the fuchsia pair, it does not get dirty easily
- Even when the shoe is soaking wet, it does not show at all
- Easy to match with outfits

- It felt slightly tight around my feet when I first bought them, but they do widen a bit and adjust to the shape of your feet after a few wears

The shoes at JipiJapa are handmade, so one pair might feel tighter than another pair. I usually try a few pairs on to compare. 

The shoes just felt so comfortable that I did not want to wear other shoes that would make my feet hurt, not even just a little bit! I ended up giving away most of my other shoes to my maids -.-

There are many sales throughout the year, and they are much more affordable then! During a sale, I also purchased the black pair, but they are still brand new, as I haven't had a chance to wear them yet - I'll probably save them for later!!

JipiJapa doesn't just sell slip-ons and loafers, they sell all sorts of shoes, from sneakers, boots, heels, ballet flats, sandals, and even handbags!!

This sneaker is so convenient to wear, as the way to put it on is to use the zip at the back of the shoe. Comfort and style all in one!

This sneaker has fur inside, all down to the bottom, so it keeps the feet warm during the winter, as well as it being very fashionable to wear just as a sneaker or a boot. It also comes in dark blue and dark fuchsia.

I also bought a pair of silver wedges which has glitter on the sides of the heel. The size is a little big (and the size smaller is too small), so I have to use pads. They're not very tall, so they're more comfortable to wear for casual dinners rather than my high heeled wedges from Staccato.

I bought these really comfy sandals with cushioned insoles recently. The suede leather is very soft and smooth, and is not too tight nor too loose on my feet. The curve at the toe area fits my toes perfectly too! I can't wait to wear these in summer!

I bought new slip-ons which are slightly wider in size, so that I can fit into them even when I start swelling in the later months of my pregnancy! The new design of the insoles are sewn into the bottom, and they are even more cushioned than my old ones. They come in yellow, red, and blue.

I have been posting about this bag lately on my Facebook page and Instagram, because it's WATERPROOF - impressive!! It was black rainstorm the other day and I was soaking wet, but to find that my bag was waterproof and my belongings inside were safe and sound!! It comes with three straps so you can carry it anyway you want, and you can even transform it into a small backpack. The original price is HK$899, but I got a triple discount (sale period + membership $100 coupon for buying three items in store + membership $100 coupon from bonus points scheme)!! Made of lambskin with some chemical to make it waterproof, it's a perfect bag for the summer!! Comes in pink, yellow, and blue!!! :D

I have also bought heels at JipiJapa before, but as I am pregnant, I have put those away to storage already.

JipiJapa has a VIP Bonus Point Scheme where you earn points with every purchase, and the points convert to cash coupons that you can use with your next purchase. The really good thing about it is, even when you're using up points in your purchase, you're still earning points in that same transaction!!

And although this post looks like I'm advertising for JipiJapa, I'm not an employee nor do I get any money from posting about them...I am simply sharing the things I love using!!!

My favourite type of shoe - so convenient and stylish!

I have recommended this brand of shoes to many friends and family already. I suffer from back injuries and I usually feel back pain if I have been standing or walking for too long everyday, but since wearing these shoes, my backaches have minimised and I am finally a pain-free girl again!! I also have no sore feet or legs even when carrying my 2-year-old son around!! These are the ONLY brand of shoes that I buy nowadays, and I'm really loving them, so I hope they will do you good too!!! :D

Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!!