Sunday, 16 March 2014

Shampooing AFTER You Condition?

Since having my hair dyed and bleached a few months ago, I've always had very dry, tangly, and frizzy hair. Due to pregnancy discomforts, I refuse to wash my hair as often, as staying in the shower for too long, makes me nauseas. I also dislike drying my hair, as it usually takes forever to dry (even with a hairdryer), and I don't like that greasy feeling on my hands when touching my hair - I don't even get why my hands get greasy because I washed my hair already!

Recently, I read an article on the Daily Mail that caught my attention - Does shampooing AFTER you condition make your hair shinier? New trend for washing 'in reverse' takes hold on the new trend.

"The technique is particularly effective for people with finer hair, says the costume designer from Austin, Texas, since it leaves your hair shiny and voluminous."

The new way is to do it "backwards":
1) If your hair is tangly, put a little oil on your hands and then comb it through before washing
2) Wet your hair and put conditioner in
3) Leave the conditioner in your hair for a few minutes, while in the meantime, you can wash the rest of your body
4) Rinse out the conditioner and shampoo lightly

According to, this reverse hair-washing method only works on certain types of hair; if your hair is thicker or more dry, the website says that conditioning post-shampoo is best.

Genie's Review:

Before starting this new backwards hair-washing regime...

  • My scalp would feel greasy and itchy around 2-3 days after washing it, but the ends would still be dry
  • I prefer to wash my hair around 6 o'clock in the afternoon, so that my hair could take the entire evening to dry before I take out the hairdryer
  • Even letting my hair air dry for the entire evening, it still takes me 15 minutes to dry my hair with a hairdryer, and it still feels slightly damp

When I first tried it, I felt slightly uneasy...afterall, I had been using shampoo before conditioner for the past 20+ years!

Since starting this new backwards hair-washing regime...

  • I still wash my hair at the same time, and I still let my hair to air dry, but it takes me less than 5 minutes to dry my hair completely with a hairdryer
  • My hands do not feel greasy when drying my hair anymore
  • My hair feels soft and smooth after washing (I can't help touching my hair every now and then haha)
  • My hair looks shinier and healthier
  • My hair is not as tangly
  • My scalp does not start getting greasy until ONE WEEK after washing my hair!!
  • My scalp is not itchy anymore, although it has been itchy for the past 26 years, and I have tried so many things to relieve it!!
I have also tried applying oil to my hair a few minutes before washing, and results were even more obvious then! The oil I applied is the Elvive Extraordinary Oil for Coloured Hair by L'Oreal, which can be used before shampoo, before drying, or on dry hair as a finishing touch.

I have had amazing results after using this new regime, and I will continue using it; however, I read that it is really not for everybody! I guess the type of products you use is also a big factor, as well as the type of hair you have, but it's worth a try, isn't it?

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